A feeling like being pulled outwards by your stomach, then a loud zipang noise, and he’s back.

“Amy?” Jim calls out. “Amy, I went back again. I think I fixed it.”

The house has changed, somewhat. It’s a lot bigger than he remembers. And what is this giant dais he’s standing on?

“Amy? Did you remodel the house while I was gone?”

Suddenly, Amy turns a corner, leading a group of people with disposable cameras and fanny packs. She gasps in surprise, then turns to the group.

“There he is, everyone! James Mulroy! Everyone get your cameras out, this is a rare occasion!”

Camera flashes in his eyes and excited mutterings in his ears, Jim looks up. There’s a banner hanging from the vaulted ceiling his house isn’t supposed to have.

The James Mulroy Museum
See the preserved artifacts of the world’s first time traveller!

“Oh god damn it.

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