The End Part 4

The five men took a step back on instinct, but soon recovered and raised their rifles to take aim.

He raised his pistol, which in truth wasn’t his having taken it from one of the recently dead, and looked down the sights of the dead man’s gun at the nearest of his would be killers. His arm started to shake and he couldn’t help but smile to himself as his vision blurred, tripling the number of enemies.
He managed to keep his grip on the gun and started to pull the hammer back. At the sound of the first click the men opened fire.

He found himself being punched back by shot after shot as the men found their targets until his bullet riddled body slammed to the floor, kicking up a small cloud of dust and plaster. Blood flowed freely from his wounds and he struggled for one last breath through shredded lungs.

His eyes remained open, fixed on the peaceful clouds and bright blue sky; but they saw no more.

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