Time Again

It’s time. It’s time to do this again. Time to set fingers to keys, and remember how this works.

I’ve almost forgotten how to do to this.
I’ve almost forgotten what this meant.
I’ve almost forgotten that gut feeling.
I’ve almost forgotten how easily the words came out after those first few lines.
Every time. Whenever it actually meant something. Whenever I needed it.

And I’ve needed it.
I’ve so, desperately needed it.

Coming back to everything.

Blurring. Whirling. Spinning. Fast-moving. Ever moving. And bright, bright colors.
It’s my world right now.
It’s a world of colors and motion and everything… going by just a tiny bit too fast to see.
It’s like it’s almost in focus… just barely… and then it’s gone. Too damn fast for me to actually look.

Leaving. Wanting. Hoping. Smiling. Laughing. Crying. Yelling.

Always wishing.

Always wondering what’s going to happen next.

And so I’d almost forgotten. This.
And how much better everything felt when I was done.
When I’d reached it… reached 1024.

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