The Horrifying Truth.

Into an empty room I stared. Four walls. One bed. One girl. A long white box, imprisoning me inside its own hell. Often she’d come to me. Piercing my innocent mind with the horrifying truth.

Draped over her skinny body was a dress. It did not fit the girl, nor did it belong to her. I knew not why she wore it except that once, long ago, it was mine…

Perhaps what made her so terrifying were the so called eyes planted into her bony face. They did not belong there; they were seeds of emptiness ready to grow into an unforgivable evil. There was no variation in the shade of these eyes except the swarming curse that lived there. Millions of tiny bugs caressed her empty mind forming an army of the dead. An army of the souls she’d stolen from the helpless bodies they inhabited. Now she tried to rip my soul apart, torturing me for her own sickening pleasure. She was the reason for pain and sorrow. Hate and greed.

People called me crazy. But I knew different, I knew the truth.

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