One of a Kind

There was only a moment to pause and take a breath. Novan closed his eyes and recalled his Father’s parting words.

“When the other members of the council see you, it is not the distinct visage of the Preeoreth, or the transluscent skin tone of the Veena or even the elongated digits of the Haloy that will draw their ire. What they see in you, is themselves. And they will hate you for it. These council members have spent centuries perpetuating conflicts between their worlds. Your presence attacks the basis of their lifetime’s fervor.”

When the doors to the council hall opened the dazzling light seemed to rush over Novan along with a forced hush. As he walked onto the stage, he could feel their eyes on him. He stepped forward and knelt, bowing deeply to the assembly.

“You are not just the first of your kind, you are the only one of your kind. That is what makes your sacrifice so great.”

As Novan rose, he saw his Father’s face. And then, just a blinding flash of light as he took his final step.

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