In Between Minds: Abatement

The solyanka was thicker than I was used to, almost like porridge, but the delicate balance of spicy, sweet, and sour was perfect. I felt some of my lost strength returning as the throbbing pain in my head lessened.

While I ate, I studied the people who had rescued me and, if Val was right, planned on selling me. They both dressed well, the man in dark, intimidating colors that matched his hardness, and the woman, Kseniya, in softer, soothing blues. They watched me eat and I watched them watch me.

Swallowing the last bits of mushroom and cabbage, I pushed the bowl away, savoring the spicy sting on my tongue. I wasn’t full but at least I wasn’t starving anymore.

I opened my mouth to demand answers, but Kseniya cut me off as if she’d been waiting for me.

“We know you have questions and we’ll attempt to answer them but I fear you won’t like the answers you get. Let me begin by telling you that freedom, true freedom, does not exist. However, you’re in a position to decide which strings you will bind to you.”

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