The Memory Stick

“It’s hard to believe he’s gone.” Kal slowly went through his exercise routine.

“Ya,” David nodded in agreement, his fingers playing slowly over the keyboard of his computer.

“How’s the decryption coming?”

“Almost done. Give me a few more minutes."

Kal got to his feet and made his way over to the door of the bathroom. “Give me time for a quick shower before you unlock it.”

David gave a grunt in reply and continued to unlock the memory stick. “Why go to this length to guard a memory stick you had no intention of giving out to me until after your death,” David mumbled to himself, “The encryption you used would make me a small fortune if I decided to sell it and you probably threw it together in your spare time.”

David continued to work. After a few minutes he heard Kal come back into the room and pull up a chair beside him. He felt Kal’s lips touch briefly on his cheek.

“Done yet?”

“Just about . . . there!”

A video opened up and began to play.

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