Marcus' Will

By the time you see this message I will be dead roughly 24 hours, assuming my estimation of David’s hacking skills are on par with my assumptions, and will have just begun to view this video. So, without futher ado let us begin what is essentially my will.

Now, there isn’t much I can give in the way of possesions, as what my company will have been demolished and my fortune in the possesion of the state. So all that is left for me to give you is knowledge and explainations.

This video will be a general admisson and each of my closest companions will have their own videos, explaining what they need to know. And, Kal and David, I know you will be watching this, so don’t bother to try and view the other parts.

I know I have done a lot of good things in my life along with plenty of bad things. Hawking alone would get me the death penalty. You two watch your parts, and then send the other parts to the appropiate people as labeled by their files, except for Edwin and Richard, that one is for you two. Enjoy.

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