Man-Lift (pt. 1)

The Chase. I live for this.
Footsteps following footsteps.
The smell of excitement.
The look in your prey’s eyes when he realizes what’s going to happen to him.

“The Prey” this time is one Kelly Robinson. Male. That’s right, a boy named Kelly. He’s just a seventeen, a punk. He’s about 5” 4’ and he’s running from a man who can move objects with his mind. A man who calls himself Man-Lift.

That man is me. Real name, Charles Smalls. And yes, I can move things with my mind. At first it was just small stuff. You know, blowing out candles or creating ripples in cups of water. But now I can lift pencils, paper, whole coins without even trying.

I run, gaining on my dastardly opponent. I prepare for action, running through brain exercises before actually doing anything monumental. My head twangs to the right. My twitch is acting up. Using my head, I fling garbage and stones and balls of paper at the boy in front of me. They bounce off of his body, and he is left unharmed.

This one is tougher than the others.

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