Man-Lift (pt. 3)

When I sleep, I dream. Colourful, lucid dreams filled with splendor and excitement. In my dreams I can move mountains with nothing more than a thought, and I am revered around the world for doing so. But tonight is different. Tonight is a nightmare.

In this dream, everything is dark. There is no light, there is no sun. In front of me is a pedestal, on top of which are my pills. The pills that I take to stop this nervous twitch of mine. I decide to move them, but to no avail. I am powerless.

From behind me comes a click, much like that of a fluorescent light being turned on. I turn and see a man his hand grasping a knife. His face is familiar, but I know I’ve never seen it before. He smiles and throws the knife between him and I. He turns around, throws his hands into the air and spreads his feet apart. He looks like a starfish.

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