Troubled State

When she felt, more than heard, the vibrations on the roof, she knew it was too late.

Camile grabbed the last weapon she had, a simple pulse rifle, and fired off two shots, shattering the largest window in the room. An hour before, she’d been gazing out that window, over the city that had beaten her down for the past 2 years. In the back of her mind, she’d been counting down the seconds to her final meeting with Ousa Mitangah. Her final delivery. Then he’d give her the new identity she needed, and that would be the end of everything here in the hell called Totaris City.

The ledge below was almost three feet wide, and more than strong enough to hold her weight. But the ledge was 12 feet away, and almost 300 feet above the ground. Three feet didn’t seem very wide in this particular situation.

Camile relaxed her muscles, calmed her breathing and slipped into her combat state. Fear evaporated. Every object, every feature of her environment became catagorized as target, weapon, shield. And she jumped.

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