Now I pay the Price.

I stare in to my lap for answers receiving nothing but more guilt. These weak, decrepit hands. Long, trembling fingers. Brittle bones encased in loose, ashen skin. My greatest fears being reflected through my clammy palms straight into my tired eyes.
This is not me!

My soul is trapped in a broken and unstable body. The very body which once won trophies.
You see, once, I could run. Once, joy burned inside me like fire. Like whiskey…

Once, a lorry skidded out of control. Pulverised my legs. Confined me to a chair where forever I would stay. Unable to walk… Unable to run!

A sacrifice must be made. To win my life I must loose my legs. Allow the fire that burnt inside of me to be extinguished. I lost my chance with love that night. Everything dear to me was tossed away. Never to be given a second glance.

I now sit alone in a small, empty room. I stare down into my lap. My bitter reality stares right back at me.
A pair of weak, decrepit hands.
An abandoned body. Abused and neglected.

Now I pay the price.

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