I saw the lights were on in the living room as I killed the engine. I took a deep breath and grabbed the door handle, gently squeezing the cool metal until I saw two guys walking in my direction. I panicked. I threw myself head first into the back of the car. The leather was sticky and uncomfortable. Each footstep I heard outside made my heart beat that much faster. I could feel the glands in my throat pulsating faster and faster as their steps got louder.

Then there was silence. Hesitantly, I looked up. There they were; gawking at me like some sort of animal through the passenger window. I thrashed out and kicked the glass in anger. They shit themselves. As soon as they were gone I scrambled to the door and let myself out. I didn’t lock the door. I left my keys in the car. I didn’t have pockets anyway. I ran up to the house and attacked the front door. Thinking back, maybe the neighbours got annoyed by that.

“Can someone let me in?!” I shouted. Eventually, someone answered my cries.

“Why are you naked?”

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