In Between Minds- Final Preparations

“Our choices are limited but this does have the advantage of being a kind of final test. I need you to understand that we have made an effort to stay out of the way, to not get directly involved- until you. Many people will get hurt and probably die if this goes wrong.” Martin patted his coat pocket where he kept his gun.

“Nothing will go wrong.” I said with more confidence than I felt.

Kseniya ran a gloved hand through her hair. “What do you need us to do?”

“Have someone bring the Polkovnik in here. It’ll be easier if we’re all in one place. You two have your papers, right?”

“Of course. Those shouldn’t be compromised- if they have, then our trouble is much greater than we thought.” Kseniya answered while giving precise directions to the men outside.

She slid onto the bench seat across from me. “What exactly does your plan entail?”

I reached over and pulled the lid off the silver platter. “To disguise myself as a boy and then for us to have dinner as a family.”

“I don’t understand.”

So I showed her.

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