Fuck the Moon

Fresh off the shuttle, Steve bounded across the Moon in his bulky EVA suit. He whooped loudly and almost crashed into another group of suited people.

“Hey, welcome to the Moon!” one man said, “What a trip, huh? Glad you could make it.”

“I came on the first commercial shuttle! Were you guys there too?” Steve paused. “How did you guys get out here so fast? And your suits look old and dirty.”

“Yeah, we were testing suits and stuff. Old George almost bit it when his rebreather stopped. Everything turned out okay.”

“So… you’ve been here?” Steve asked.

“Yup. About ready to leave too. Probably going to Io or Titan next.” The man perked up. “Hey, we’re building a rocket to get there ourselves! We could really use the help.”

Steve stared at the man somewhat blankly. “Uh, no. I have to get back to Earth for work in the morning.”

“Ah, well. But, hey, you enjoy the Moon. We had a great time, right gang?”

Steve watched the group leave. Turning around, he could see footprints left everywhere in the lunar powder.

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