Sit and Stand w/ Me; Simultaneously

Do you
Know how
Rocks are
When they’re large,
Half sunken,
Refusing to budge or barge?

But when
They’re shrunken
To sand,
Even then
They are the same!
Only now they fill your hand
Dropping dry like strange rain
On your toes,
Supporting steps,
That’s how it flows
Like simple concepts
And the persuasion of a smile :)

I am not a style.
I’m time
And emotion;
A picture blurred by motion
Stirring still like steel air

Could become
Some other way to feel,
To care,
When you find
That you cannot climb
Out from under despair

I’m hard, thick,
Soft, and wide open.
Slow, quick,
By what is spoken.

I won’t be mistaken
When I awaken
Vacant of a soul
Only to find
That the earth’s outline
Curves a whole
other world undefined;
That time didn’t
A hidden hint of hate,
or love,
or fate
Just shades
Of great
Fading gray
Gaining shape
As all of I

Early and late

Say good bye
Welcome the thorn,
A painful wait (weight?)
Clean slate (light?)
Reborn back to a lively concentrate (right?)

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