I gazed into the full bodied mirror, examining my body shape. Studying it closely. I was ready to get married.
“Will you stop obsessing over your size, you look fine!” Anastasia told me.
“You want to impress that man, don’t you? I don’t know why, he’s a loser” She commented negatively.
“I love him. He’s my fiance..” I explained meekly. “He knows everything about me”
“Everything, huh? Then how come he doesn’t know me?” Anastasia asked as she played with my hair. I didn’t answer.
“Are you embarrassed of me, Angela? We knew each other since your parents died.” She said, sounding offended.
“He doesn’t need to know you.” I told her. Anastasia grabbed my hair and slapped me.
“This is how you repay me?! You’d be nothing without me!” She yelled.
Suddenly, She slammed me into the mirror, severely injuring me. I began to cry.
“Think about what I’ve done for you” She said as she tried to choke me. I closed my eyes and heard Tyrone’s voice. My fiance.
“Angela, who are you talking to?” He asked. “No one” I said meekly.

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