Mother In Law

“Oh John! It is so good to see you, It is a shame you couldn’t come up last night with Lily and the kids.”
The septuagenarian grandmother had the hunched posture of age, but the broad smile of a young woman. Her eyes, however, were distrusting as she assessed the late arrival.

“Well yeah, you know, I have been swamped. It was a good time to get caught up.”
The sharp dressed professional man was turned to muttering excuse-maker by his wife’s mother.

“That must have been trouble too.”
She made a lively gesture to point at the spare tire on his car.

“Oh, well, yes, I was coming off the highway, I just threw that on and came over.”

She gave a Harumph and looked him over distrustfully, the immaculate suit he was wearing didn’t have a speck of dirt on it.

Accompanied with awkward silence he had to half turn to get by her and into the house.

The grandmother smiled to herself as she closed the door, calling into the rest of the house over her shoulder. “Lily! Your husband is here. And, he’s cheating on you!”

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