Personal Belongings

Jimmy peeked out the curtains and watched his parents’ car back out of the driveway and drive off down the road. He watched MTV for 15 minutes just to make sure, before he hopped up and strolled to their room.

He surveyed the room with a careful eye. He wasn’t sure where, but he knew his dad kept a stash of dirty magazines around here somewhere; Eric from 3rd period algebra said all dads do.

He scoured the room for an hour before noticing a small box stuffed in the back of his dad’s closet behind some clothes. With eager anticipation he opened it and peered inside. Inside the box were a dozen or so VHSes and a handful of dusty 8mm camcorder tapes.


Grabbing some lotion, he went to the living room and put one of the camcorder tapes in. With confusion and disgust, he watched as his younger dad had sex with some woman he didn’t recognize in her ass.

As he was reaching for the remote to stop it, he froze and watched as a naked child who looked strikingly like himself climb into the bed with them.

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