A Single Yellow Lily

(12/01/10 – Day 128)

Today I felt myself about to cry after work.
My little 3rd graders knew that I wasn’t feeling good;
So after school, I bought a new pair of red Valentino Pumps,
and a little backless black dress.
Everyone turned their head, when I walked into the cafe, alone.
It made me smile, when all the guys would look at me, like I was beautiful or something.
But they all had dates, & I was alone.
It’s okay, it’s my day, my time to enjoy me.
Carlton Salad, from the Cheesecake Factory, yum!
I looked down, grabbed my utensils, and pick up a slices of
Romaine lettuce, pears, feta cheese, with drops of Vinaigrette
and slid it into my mouth.
I looked up to match his eyes watching me closely.
I almost choked cause I was caught off guard.
He chuckled, but I had to remain serious.
Without saying words he gave me a quick hello.
I swallowed my food, and tried to remain calm.
He placed a single yellow lily on the table, attached to a note.
He nodded to me, stood up, & kissed my forehead
And then he was gone…

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