No Key

(12/02/10 – Day 129)

When your trapped and there’s just no key, & you can’t breathe … I breathe for you
Tonight was supposed to be about me, but it wasn’t
I am stressed to the tip, with my mortgage, the people at my job, my makeup is running down my face, & my cat died 2 days ago.
Philadelphia is absolutely gorgeous tonight, and I’m crying.
I must look like a hooker, with these clothes on.
He wants to be my key, and breathe for me, then where is he?
I don’t know what I was thinking, because I didn’t drive, and now I have to walk.
Its cold out here as the wind brisks past my little legs.
I walked past this club, and the music was blazing. I entered.
I took center stage, and whipped my hair back and forth
I felt so many eyes on me, and I enjoyed the attention.
Until I looked on the balcony, to see him,
He was sitting by himself, with his favorite drink in his hand.
I opened up my locket, hoping he would sense the key.
I placed my kiss in the locket & gave it to the waiter to give it to him and then I left.

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