For the Love of Love

He was my once in a lifetime. He was that guy. That perfect guy that everyone wanted to be and be with. Everyone wanted to know him and be his best friend. He was one of my best friends and I fell for him…hard.

I hated myself for it, not knowing if it was love or lust. I hated myself for it because I was becoming one of them. Yes, them, the fangirls that wanted him, and turning into I one of them.

I wanted to tell him so badly, but I couldn’t. It was improbable, illogical. I couldn’t do this, I’ve seen so many girls try and fail to come onto him. I laughed at them even and predicted which ones would come after him first.

I had known him too long, I didn’t fit the mold, the criteria. I wasn’t pretty, I wasn’t extremely popular, I was weird. I was afraid of the rejection that I knew I would recieve.

So I hid for a while, I waited and waited. I’m still quiet about it. But…one of these days, I’ll tell him. For the love of love.

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