The New Progenitors

A long day. Time to wait. Nothing special about this place just yet. He made a bonfire. His companions in just a few days. He didn’t understand the mechanics of how he’d gotten here, but he would be alone for too long. This beach was clean, the night sky, completely unfiltered. The glory of the heavens.
The first time he’d ever truly seen the sky.
This world had been so beautiful once. He had only read about it in history books. Now, he was experiencing it. The boar roasted over the fire. His machines were in place, protecting him and studying the environment. His “scouts” had already determined the best possible location for their new hub. The plan was elegant.
To an outsider looking, what they were about to do was an abomination, but to these men, their motivations were noble. The New Progenitors sought to save the world, through a simple concept. Peace through absolute victory. These words would mean everything…

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