Amos Thibodeau's First Kiss

Amos Thibodeau Jr. loved Miss Becky Bellefontaine with a passion that could only blossom between a young boy and the most beautiful teacher in the whole school. Amos himself was only 10 years old, nonetheless, the depth of his affection drew from a well so deep as to drain all the strength from his body whenever she drew near to him and reinfuse him with infinite power when she spoke to him kindly of some thing he had done to please her.

Miss Becky was 23. She had a quick smile that melted all of the hearts of the boys she taught, but none so completely as Amos Thibodeau, who believed her to be a goddess come to earth.

It was on Valentine’s Day that Amos finally declared his love for Miss Becky in his own way. When the last paper hearts had been given, Amos stepped up and placed a baby alligator on Miss Becky’s desk, declaring, “I named her after you.”

Bending down, Miss Becky kissed him on the forehead and said, “Amos, she’s beautiful,” as the gator hissed approval.

Amos didn’t wash his face for a month.

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