Ambiguous Introductions

A rushing of wind sounded past me, as if everything was being drawn from the air to a specific point on the wall. I admit I was curious at first, and my curiosity was answered by the formation of a brass circle. It was set into the bricks. It was convex and protruded from the wall a slight amount. Not much, but enough to know that something had appeared on the wall that wasn’t there before.

Feeling the small extrusion from the wall, I felt something, a pattern carved into the metallic disc. I turned away, but a sensation at the back of my head made me turn back. The disc had started to emerge from the wall.

Except… it hadn’t. On closer inspection, I could see that instead of emerging from the wall, a rectangular section of the wall was retreating past it. I got a better look at the object now, it started to form an ornate brass semisphere, or rather, squashed semisphere. Then it startedd to form a squashed sphere, but before the sphere closed, it extended out. And I knew what it was. It was a doorknob.

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