Less Ambiguous, More Introductory

The doorknob had now emerged completely from the wall, and the rectangular section of wall now vanished behind a sheet of dark polished mahogany, except for where a few nooks existed in the door, which remained filled with redbrick and mortar. It seemed as if the wall was retreating through the door, making the door seem ghostly.

It took quite long for the door to fully form. I could tell it was whole as hinges materialised at the side and a threshold popped into existence at the base. Almost as soon as the welcome mat had appeared, the door swang open and a figure burst through on a heavily upgraded motorcycle.

He wore a leather jacket over a grey hoodeed jacket over a black shirt. There was a gash in the right sleeve and he was still bleeding out of the corresponding wound on his arm. He wore jeans and converse sneakers. The hood of the jacket was pulled right down over his face, but he lowered it as he got off the motorcycle and turned to face me and my girlfriend.

Tylie gasped. “Michael! It’s you!”

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