The Underground

She clawed at the opening of the tight hole, her breaths rapid and harsh. Light began to leak in as the hole began to crumble. She had been working on her escape for what seemed like hours. She longed for the feel of fresh air rushing through her lungs, to finally see daylight, to feel the trickling of fresh water down her throat. She wanted to live.
Her heart ached for the man that would never find her. There were so many things that she had not yet experienced. She refused to give up. So there she was, clawing her way out of that underground tunnel. She would not be trapped down here forever. She would not die a prisoner.
But out of the deepest darkest shadows, she heard a low guttural sound and the voice of a panicked child. The child clung to her with desperate eyes.
“Help me,”the boy cried. A creature emerged from the darkness, so hideous and unlike any monster she had ever seen.
She pulled her dagger from the strap on her leg in one swift move. No, she would not die a prisoner…but a savior instead.

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