The Future, why bother

Fifty years ago, Jim Bake disappeared for five days. No one noticed.

Jim knew this, and laughed. He went over to a library, a little surprised they still existed, and asked the nice lady at the desk if they had digital newspaper archive.
They had.

He sat down with his notebook and started reading. And writing. He scribbled down pages of notes. Names, places, jobs, addresses, he sat there for hours on end, ignoring people calling him old fashioned. “Are you using a pen? Weirdo!”
Then he got on the phone, posing as a journalist he asked questions to lots of people. Every person heard the same question:" How did you get to be were you are now?" After five days he finally was finished.
And he returned home.

He came back just when his wife was packing up the last boxes.
“So, you are really leaving?”
-“Yes, I am”
He let her leave, took out his notes, and went over to shoot the man who would make her happy. Then he made sure his former boss was late for an accidental encounter with an old friend.

And he laughed.

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