The Life and Times of Arnold

It is a time of bliss in the world of Salgaron, and the troll wars have ended after years of turmoil. Or at least, it appears to be bliss. But in reality, a secret sect formed in every nation’s government is wreaking havoc. The World Secret Utilitarian Coalition Knights are abducting civilians to work in their mines to drain the world of all Oresum, a rare mineral which is the lifeblood of Salgaron.

But they don’t stand unopposed. The New Era Rebellion Defence Fighters will do all they can to prevent them from taking hold.

Arnold is a boring, normal individual. He is nothing. But one day, World SUCK attempt to kidnap him, but he is rescued and taken in by the NERD Fighters. Meeting back at their top secret island base, the NERD Fighters train Arnold and decide to first try and convince the world to dissolve World SUCK. But before they reach each nation’s capital, they take a while to stand around wondering why their stupid-ass writer is ignoring them for another evil, known only as, ‘REVISION’.

To be co…

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