So ändern Sie Zeit

We did not know about the German time-travel experiments.

In primary history, Hitler’s death ended World War II. The cold war with the Soviets began with that country’s first atomic blast and the Korean Conflict ended in stalemate, followed by brush wars for 50 years thereafter. Time travel was fiction.

We’ve had agents observing of course, tweaking details just to keep the present running smoothly.

Recently, something strange happened. The world outside University abruptly changed. The New Era Nazi Party, a nuisance political splinter group burst into the mainstream with a presidential candidate that bore such an eerie resemblance to Germany’s maniac Fuhrer of 250 years ago that he could be a clonewe knew right away that someone was messing with the time line.

We’ve sent three of our best agents back to Berlin, 1945 to verify Hitler’s suicide. All three disappeared. One sent a written message. “They have time travel,” it read. “Send someone to stop them.”

That’s where I come in.

Wish me luck.

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