The Only Way Out

As I left the front door, I lit my cigarette with the lighter and next, my house. The fire spread quickly, and I could hear my kids coughing from their room.

Leaving on a dark and eerie night is so cliché, but I had planned it weeks ahead of time. My bags were packed at my sister’s apartment, and I saved up my own money in a bank account, under a new last name. Doing it in secret was the only way.

I kissed my husband passionately that night, something I hadn’t done in a while. It was a busy few years and I wanted to fix our relationship, but something always got in the way. None of it mattered now, but I had to do something before I left.

Sometimes people don’t understand exactly where you’re coming from. A lot of the times, you’re judged without having a chance. Until it happens to you.

I dialed the number I knew I had to from my cellphone.

“Yeah, Dad? It’s done. Pick me up before the firefighters come.”

I took my last cigarette drag as Aaron’s wife.

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