Take My Happiness And Let Me Borrow Your Sorrow

Take my happiness
And let me borrow your sorrow
Oh yes, it must come with sappiness,
Sorry, but I’ll give your sadness back tomorrow,
I guess, though you seem stressed
So if it steals what’s in your chest
And settles in there for an indefinite rest
I promise not to charge interest—
Unless I become an unfit mess
But I sincerely hope
You’ll keep me laughing and feed me jokes
Before I get so depressed I can not cope
Before I can no longer accept
Not having leapt with my neck noosed in a rope
I want you to soap
Me when I stoop and mope
To unravel my reckless angle
Of abstract visions that tangle
Death and breath on the mantel
Of a mind full of dire, dull
Uncleanly, listless, ships with fire in the hull
Remind me of how I used to float at christmas
Find me timely uplifting notes
After sifting sublimely through the works
Of prosey, rosy, poetic, prophetic folks
You have to sign this contract
To protect me if you never give it back
Do you swear to have my back
No matter how far my car
Travels down the train track?

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