On the Run

The room went black.
John blinked a few times, trying to force his eyes to adjust; but the darkness was complete and he was left mostly blind to his surroundings.
He heard the shuffle of feet as the Operators continued their search of the building and he tightened his grip on his pistol before beginning to move along the wall in search of an exit.
The shuffling soon turned into regular footsteps, the Operators abandoning stealth in favor of finding him before he made another escape from their steel clutches.
His hand hit something on the long shelf and he froze as it made an almost slow motion fall to the concrete floor. The object sent up a sonic flare and he swore under his breath as the footsteps multiplied.
He was running now, too fast to even notice the wall looming large in front of him. He bounced off and his gun went flying as he hit the floor. Looking up through a haze, John saw four sets of glowing, circular eyes looking back at him.

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