In Sickness Or In Health

“And what flavour jello would you like?”

“What’s jello really?” V turned back to the nurse with an awkward smile.

“Lime’s his favourite.”

The know-it-all nurse scooted her way out of the room, her ridiculous stilettos echoed on the tiled floor and stung my ears. I couldn’t move around much, mostly due to V tucking me in so damn tight.

“Lime is not my favourite Vanessa.”

“Shut up, this isn’t about fucking jello!”

“Will you calm the fuck down?!”

“We need to make sure what happened is just a one-off.”

“And it will be!” She fell silent.

“I’m calling the doctor!” V mashed the button constantly before throwing it back. She enjoyed pissing me off. I’m fine.

“Just pressing the button once will suffice Mr Wilson!” Finally a man who knew what he was talking about came into the room. He clicked his pen back into his pocket and sat on the end of my bed. I motioned V to leave and she did, after I gave her a couple of looks.

“So how is it Doctor?”

“Well…” He took off his glasses and slowly inhaled deeply.

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