who are you?

im talkative.
im crazy.
i care less of what people think about me.
i love to laugh..
im EVILL!!!
I think females are the better gender.. no offense.
i want to rob a gasoline station one day.
joke!! im to lazy to do that..
I get pissed easily.
People sometimes find it hard to understand what I am saying.
I want to conquer the world and rename it something else.
I’m incredibly sarcastic.
I give names to inanimate objects.
If you fall, I will laugh. Seriously.
I doodle on almost any surface.
When I’m 89, if I’m still around-
I plan on jumping off the top of a Ferris wheel.
My dreams are absolutely bizarre.
I laugh when I’m nervous.
Music is pretty much the blood running through my veins.
I like stickers.
They stick.
I write letters to people and never send them.
I require some alone-time every day.
Touch me, I kill you.
I often reminisce about my childhood.
One day would like to fly an airplane, and not kill anyone.
I want to travel.
I love writing just everything..
What more?
Oh, yeah! Im tala.
Who are you?

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