Faux Pas

When you’re an angel, you think you’ve seen everything, I mean hell, you made it. Then after the Fall, you get another point of view and you’re sure you’ve seen it all. As centuries pass and you watch how much everything changes, you get a glimpse of true perspective. It’s still not enough. Usually you watch events go by and say to yourself ‘Huh, probably shoulda seen that coming.’

Which brings me to tonight. Slick ads swear Club V is a club for vampires (thanks Twilight), but the creatures here have run the whole gamut of freaky. Take the tall, slender man leaning against the bar next to me. He hasn’t taken his eyes off me since I came in.

It didn’t occur to me that he’d hit on me until he started talking.

“Hey, are you an angel? Cause I’m in heaven.” he recited. It had the wrong cadence, like he was reading lines from a play he’d never seen.

“You’re half right- I am an angel, but you’re in hell.” I said running my fingers along his arm. He fainted as I introduced him to my favorite pain Chakra.

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