No Such Thing As Aliens

Captain Tecumsah had no idea his name was spelled wrong. He was going to make this name famous, however, as the youngest captain to pilot a successful bovine extraction and re-inhabitation.

The other ships had all failed. One went down when the cows stampeded the engine room. One crew got the cows extracted, but they had all suffered dietary problems and died within a week. One ship never showed up. The cows and the ship had vanished. Tec believed the Captain sensed failure and took them all down. There were no such things as aliens. Some say it was bad luck, that there had to have been a girl aboard. The fact that he took this mission proved he didn’t believe in superstition. No bad luck transporting cows. Just to be sure, he had a buddhist priest on board.

Three veterinarians were on a rotation to treat the cows for a myriad of ailments and their feed was gradually changed to the planet’s fare. Daily logs were reported to him morn and night. If this were the Ark, he was Noah, and nothing would go wrong.

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