An Angel Lights the Dark Path of Their Dreams

Someone told me
You had caroled solely
But that you weren’t lonely
Only that you went undoubtedly
Without a one and only who wholly
Understands your soul’s song and story

Under drifts of snow you stand

A candle held with both hands on the handle and
You lift the silence with deep lows and comfort at its highest levels

Windows of frost rub away
With breaths of steam
As children stray
From sleep
Thinking they’ve seen
An angel move down the street
They step back to bed on little feet
Where your light
Leads them through their dreams
In and from the night
To where the morning sun streams
Where once again it beams and all is right
Today, though only to those your glow
Has touched does it even seem so
Or mean so much
To them in their still houses
Still hushed

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