Nom II

“If you’re not that hungry now I can just leave you the fingers?”

“No thanks… I’m fine.” It was what she did and didn’t want to hear. I could tell she’d been starving and desperate. She mounted the former business man, creeping up and down his torso with her mouth. She ripped his expensive looking shirt. His chest was hairy; almost enough so to put her off her appetite. She carved tracks into his skin, turning it red raw. She turned back to me bringing the lifeless body up against hers. I felt sick.

“What’s wrong Ulysses?” She coyly mocked. I was torn between watching her have fun with this corpse and protecting my own innocence. I gritted my teeth and stared at her while she stared back with her shameless, cloudy green eyes. Her tongue slithered up his neck to his ear which she gladly sunk her teeth into. My breathing got heavier. She held him tighter and tighter, playing with his hair. My mouth couldn’t stay shut. She ripped his ear off in one massive jerk and chewed it up. I so wished that was me.

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