Current Thoughts

Have you ever looked at a clear night sky of stars and noticed how they burn so concisely— shining furious and bright— surrounded by the dead darkness of space? Such as that seems to be the contrast you’ll find when you think about the big picture. But are they two singular entities or part of one body? And is that body really inanimate or is it alive? Because we came from those tiny pockets, we traveled through that same vacuous space to get here. We are star dust essentially. We come from the same sun that warms our skin and keeps us living as does it give us cancer and burn our retinas. The same Parent that birthed us kills us, and yet we are the parent and the child. We seem to be pieces of something immense and continually expanding, not like space and time, but exactly that we are it. Renewing and dying but only within ourselves as we know it. Within everything that is us, reflects us, and yet we have the audacity to claim sole ownership of our thoughts, of our lives to be separately ours alone.

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