Follow Her to God

As two pairs of lips parted, the spell lifted. A gentle face of understanding and affection revealed itself a patchwork mass of flame-hued scales. The jagged slice of a mouth widened to devilish grin allowing a now forked tongue to flick Carol’s nose before rough hands shoved her to the basement floor.

Her mind raced as innumerable hands extended from the shadows to pin her down. Hadn’t she been good, oh so very good? Was this really the price for one little kiss from the cutest guy in school? Her attempt at a scream barely registered as a whimper.

Though she dared not look she could feel her flesh contorting and tearing as a void opened up within her. A strange sort of calm and detachment overcame her as the void collapsed and twisted becoming a gateway rather than a nothingness. As dark as were her fears the bliss that welcomed her overshadowed it as she fell into her self.

Shade became light.

Joy swept effulgent, but something scratched at her heels, eager to follow her course.

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