A Little Bit More About Martin

I suppose you’d like to know a little more about me, aka, Super Martin. Of course you would. I’m a superhero.

My mind doesn’t work like everybody else’s, no, that wouldn’t be right. I can see through glass and I can walk through air, I can dance in a forrest full of midges, I could probably take on a bear.

My friends, and I have loads of them, they all come from Mars – that’s where superheroes live, we have these matching scars. They’re the shape of lightening bolts, a bit like Harry Potter’s, except we have them elsewhere. Mines on my neck, I tell people I got it from fighting with a bear.

My real appearance is greatly concealed. I’m tall and muscular, I’m like a human shield. I have a face like Clark Kent, out of Smallville, you know, except better looking, like Orlando Bloom or like Matt Diangilo.

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