Frozen With Open Eyes

So it’s come to this? I couldn’t believe I was going to bleed out on this cold street when it happened, but now it’s real and I’ve fully accepted my fate. The frost on the side walk is comfortably numbing my gaping stab wound. Damn. That bastard practically gutted me. My lower intestines are smooth on my hand. Ugh, but it hurts to touch. I’m scared. My mouth is metallic with the warm sticky stream that’s pooling off of my lips and chin— turning cold as the winter wind presses onto my face. I’m light headed and strangely feeling drugged. I welcome it. It takes me away from the pain. I can see my mother. She’s smiling at me in my mind— cradling me in her arms. I feel the unconditional love of her gaze on my skin. There are tears in her eyes. She’s crying and I’m fading away. It’s getting dimmer through the white wash of snowflakes. I’m like a sick rat dying near the gutter’s grate. My thoughts resemble nothing anymore— now that I’m frozen with open eyes.

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