Waiting for Drasi

The fairy prince knelt on a tree stump and scanned the meadow. He relaxed here often, watching the swaying of the grass, but today he looked for a different kind of movement.

“Any sign of them, Your Highness?” a voice asked from below.

“Not yet Twila,” the prince replied.

“I told you they wouldn’t come!” another voice said. “They dare not stand against Prince Peety von Mishnon!”

Peety smiled at the bravado but knew Drasi would come. He would not allow this insult to go unanswered.

“Easy, lads,” Peety cautioned. “They have a long walk.” Then, as if on cue, Peety saw the movement he was looking for.

“They are here,” he said, jumping down. “I will speak with Drasi alone.” Peety took a few steps forward to meet the approaching group.

Drasi broke away from his own group and walked to the prince. “Prince Peety, you have insulted me and my family. Why not marry my sister? Is she beneath you?”

“Not at all my old friend," Peety replied. "The truth is, I love her too much to marry her.”

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