Pastor Mark closed the door to the confession box.

It was silent.

“Pastor,” whispered a small voice from the other side.
“Yes, my child. What can I do for you?”
“I have done something wrong.”
“What have you done wrong little one?”

There was another pause of silence between them.

“Pastor, I”ve had sex."
“SEX!” remarked the pastor.
“Yes, I know it was wrong but…”
“You are not married! Sex is only for those who are married, and even then it should happen under certain conditions.”
“I know…” the small voice faded into a whimper, and then a cry.
“God can forgive you for your sin, if you ask him to. But be warned, if you shall ever have sex again then you will burn in the pits of hell!”
The pastor heard a shriek and little feet patter out of the confessional box.

“Fucking kids,” sighed Pastor Mark.

The door opened again, to let another sinner in.

“Father Mark?” asked an airy voice.
“Yes, my child.”
“I have been a very naughty girl.”
Father Mark grinned, “How so?”
The airy voice giggled…

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