Into Enemy Territory

They got off the freeway in a decrepit part of town, where urban decay had been allowed to have its way unchecked. It had been this way ever since the turn of the previous century: one economic downturn after another had driven people out of this part of town and into others, or even other towns or states entirely.

“I guess that kidnapping by giant robots is one way to get people back into this part of town,” Josh mused.

“I’d say it would have to be about the only possible way,” Fox said. They came off the exit ramp and immediately had to swerve around a chunk of debris that had fallen off of one decaying storefront.

“How are we not going to stick out like a sore thumb here?” Josh wondered.

“Some people do still come down here,” Fox pointed out. “It’s cheap warehouse space, and you can be as loud as you want without bugging the neighbors.”

“Perfect place to put a Marauder internment camp,” Josh admitted.

“Or something worse,” Fox said darkly.


“Trust me, you do not want to know.”

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