Nicotine Dreams

F this nicotine patch
It f-ing itches
And I can’t help but scratch it
With the clawed paws
Of sharp tooth jawed bitches
W/ attractive intact backs
Drool dripping delicious
They’re sipping what’s fresh
Swinging hips those hipsters
I injure their middle fingers
Singeing with a grenade
As they switch blade the dishes
Blowing me kisses
Hating on my christmas wishes
Of Invading their kitchens
With endearing Donner and Blixen images
Cub bearing
Peer in my maze of caves
Where the bears snarl, sneering
A defiled pile of denial
Staring, spewing bile,
Hearing a piercing howl?
How’ll you understand with no feeling?
Can you clam that pearl for healing?
For dealing?
When what I curl is peeling
Disturbed nearly unheard
Fears spilling sparks
Severely veering
Fiercely steering metal against the curb of hearts
I’m telling you that I’m reeling
Madder than a hornet with the nerves
Of four horsemen
Stirred drunk in a Porche
I disperse fruit punch
At church
But what’s worse
Are the snatched purses
Off dead persons
In the trunk

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