Tracking Breadcrumbs

As they drove, the scene through Silverfox’s windows began to distort, various objects taking on bizarre hues and glows as the radio came alive and shifted through various permutations of static and distorted signals.

“What the heck?” Josh yelped, raising an eyebrow.

“Thought I’d give you an idea of what I’m seeing and hearing. Electromagnetic interference, radio communications, infrared imaging. You were expecting for us to just drive around until we spotted giant robots walking down the street?” Fox replied.

“Point made and taken. Warn me though, next time, I was starting to think you had an exhaust leak or – jeez!” Josh yelped as F0x swerved to avoid getting run down by a pack of school-busses barrelling down the road at inadvisable speed. “Must be one important field trip they’re on.”

“Josh, what would school-busses be doing in a neighbourhood like this?”

“You don’t mean…” the driver gaped, horrified.

“Central to Fox, telemetry recieved, track them but do not engage, you’re not properly equipped.”

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