My nanowrimo was productive..

I wrote several.
She Didn’t Know
Senior year is going to be the best ever! Hannah Sparks worked hard all summer to improve her figure and Alyssa’s party is the best place to show it off! When she wakes up the next morning with no idea what happened, rumors fly. So much for landing the perfect guy! Her best friend Kelsie always knows the right things to say and do, but is she too good to be true? And what is up with her Mom’s new spending habits?
The Aurist
Brynn can see auras, which she’s taken for granted, until one day she finds a person without one. Intrigued, she goes looking for him and ends up captured by a mind reader! Fleeing, the two find a hideout of other gifted individuals. Meanwhile a murderer is on the loose and the targets are families of the corporation that is both after then and willing to employ them. Who can be trusted?
My Name Is Leeto Homero
You can look up snippets of this by searching for Leeto on ficly. I’ve already sorta pitched it. :)

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