Heights and Depths

“Keep me where?” I asked. “In your pocket?”

“Oh, you’d be amazed what I can fit in my pocket,” she said. “Or in various other places.” She leaned forward, and I was looking down her cleavage. It might have been a trick of the shadows of the lacy black bra she was wearing, but it seemed to drop into infinity. “I certainly won’t have to resort to a pumpkin shell.”

I swallowed, wrenching my gaze away from her breasts with a strange qualm of vertigo. But the place I looked next, into her eyes, was almost as bad. There seemed to be an even deeper drop there, and I could see it clearly every inch of the way into those red depths.

“Suppose I don’t want to be kept?”

She yawned, and her mouth could dwarf whales. What was with the dimensions in my room? I rubbed my eyes, and she wasn’t looming anymore. “Oh, feel free to run. I’ll even give you a head start.”

“Would it do me any good?”

“Nope. Now that I have your scent, I could track you from here to Nippon.” She grinned again. “So what’re you gonna do?”

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